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Inclusive education for children with hearing loss

A practical guide for parents and teachers

Interactive e-book or hardcopy

eBook: US $19.80

Hardcopy: US $60.00

All children with hearing loss should have access to resources and be exposed to an environment where they can learn to listen and develop spoken language. With age-appropriate language development, children with hearing loss can attend and succeed in mainstream schools. It all starts with empowering parents and teachers on how to work with a child with hearing loss.

The aim of this book is to eliminate misconceptions about children with hearing loss – specifically that children with a hearing loss cannot learn spoken language or be accommodated in a mainstream school.

    • Ear and hearing
    • Hearing tests: Diagnosis of a hearing loss
    • Amplification technology: Helping my child hear
    • Listening and language development
    • Pre-school: Literacy and numeracy
    • Inclusive education laws and principles
    • Teaching methods
    • Additional support for academic success
    • Music and child development
    • Case study: Eduplex

  • The interactive e-book consists of reading and interactive material. The e-book can be purchased as a downloadable PDF or ordered as a hardcover book.

    Electronic Copy / Downloadable PDF

    • Reading materials downloadable as a PDF. Access to reading material requires Adobe PDF.
    • Interactive content (videos, animations, quizzes, etc.) is accessed through URL links embedded onto the PDF document. Requires reliable internet connection.

    Hardcopy Book

    • Reading materials ordered and received as a hardcopy.
    • Interactive content (videos, animations, quizzes, etc.) is provided on a USB memory stick. Use of a laptop or computer is required.

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